Built in Toronto, Canada. Manifested by Marlon AnDrew Jones
Built in Toronto, Canada. Manifested by Marlon AnDrew Jones
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FAQ Page:

How are shipping costs calculated?

Shipping is free worldwide with every purchase.


Can I order my own customized Hand-Embroidered Denim Jacket?

Yes. Limited Quantities Available. Please Contact: societysevenmgmt@gmail.com 


What is the maximum time it takes to produce Society Seven hand-made garments?

 All of our garments are hand-made. Either Hand-Cut, Hand-Sewn, Hand-Embroidered or all three. Due to the custom production of our products typically take no longer than 8 weeks to produce. Our general completion time ranges between 4-8 weeks, & intend to deliver products earlier than the time allotted. Once the order is placed we immediately start production to ensure delivery as soon as possible.


Are there any refunds after purchase?

There are no refunds after purchase of our hand-made garments


How do I know the item will fit me? OR How does the item fit?

In order to find the best fit, the product specific measurements are available on each product:


Garment Length

Chest Width

Sleeve Length


Size of garment worn by model, along with their specific measurements

Our customer service is always available to answer any questions regarding your fitting. Please contact us @ societysevenmgmt@gmail.com


What is the garment care of your clothing?

Indicated under every product description are general care instructions according to the fabric. A majority of our products are dry cleaning only unless indicated otherwise. Always test laundering on a small or hidden area of the garment first. For safe results, always turn the garment inside out to protect the hand-embroidery. For all of our Suede Pieces, DO NOT GET WET. For our Denim, T-shirts, Sweaters, ENSURE TO WASH INSIDE OUT TO PROTECT HAND-EMBROIDERY.